Guided Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts in British Columbia

Guided Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts in British Columbia

The Hunt

Elk Hunting in BC, Canada

The Tuchodi River Valley is well known for its lush habitat with vast tracts of grassy hillsides and a significant presence of water. This in return creates a stable food source in the winter and a healthy environment for elk populations to flourish. Although BC, and Canada as a whole, isn't typically the first place that comes to mind when people think about elk hunting, it truly is one of the best Rocky Mountain elk hunting destinations in North America, with some of the most scenic settings one can imagine. 

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BC Elk Hunts

What To Expect on Your
British Columbia Elk Hunt

Our elk hunts are an incredible experience. You'll get to see some incredible places while having the opportunity to take a trophy elk. Our main transportation method for these hunts is horseback. The TRO horses can get you to the backcountry safely and make it possible to go places you could not reach otherwise. All our elk hunts take place during the rut to ensure an exciting and memorable hunt for our clients. Here's what a typical British Columbia Elk Hunting day looks like with us:

  • On the first day of the hunt, we'll leave our base camp on horseback and head to your spike camp
  • The spike camp is typically a comfortable wall tent and/or cabin where you will stay for the duration of your hunt
  • From the spike camp, you and your guide will set out each day to glass for elk
  • Once you find an elk you'd like to harvest, your guide will help provide the most opportunity for you to down that animal
  • Your guide will help with the field preparation of the meat after an elk is killed
  • You'll pack up and ride back to basecamp with a great story and a fantastic memory!

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Rock Mountain Elk Hunts in BC

Elk Hunt Schedule

All of our elk hunts are 8 full hunting days (10 days total).

Dates listed below are the actual trip dates.   

Hunt Dates:

  • Sept 9 -19  
  • Sept 19-Oct 1 (Combo Hunt w Moose)

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