Pricing & Packages - British Columbia

Pricing & Packages - British Columbia

Stone pricing

Stone Sheep





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Rocky Mountain Elk

Rocky Mountain Elk






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Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat


$16,500 (1x1)

$15,000 (2x1)


$17,000 (1x1)

$15,500 (2x1)

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Canadian Moose

Canadian Moose

2022 - $17,500.00

2023 - $17,800.00

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What Is Included?

  • 1x1 Guiding
  • Lodging/Accommodations.
  • Food and beverages while hunting (excluding alcohol).
  • Air Charter to/from camp on scheduled flights
  • Transportation within the hunting territory
  • Trophy preparation of animal
  • Field preparation of meat
  • Facilities and equipment to butcher meat
  • 50lbs of meat on charter out of camp with charter fee
not included

Not Included

  • Commercial flights of any kind
  • Non - Scheduled air charter to/from camp
  • Hotel rooms before or after hunt
  • Trophy shipment or taxidermy
  • Meat flights (if required) 
  • Licenses, tags and gov't harvest royalties
  • Gratuities
not included

What Are The Extra Costs?

Trophy Fees:

Trophy fees are for additional species not included in your hunt package. For example the sheep/goat combo hunt includes both species, there are no trophy fees associated with the goat or sheep.  Trophy fees are paid in advance for goat, moose and elk.  Trophy fee will be returned at the completion of hunt if additional animal is not harvested.

Goat - $9,000.00

Moose - $12,000.00

Elk - $7,500.00

Wolf - $1000.00

Black Bear - $1,000.00

Non-Hunter Rates - $350.00 per day (plus air charter)

Rifle Rental - $500.00 per trip

License Costs:

Non resident License - $180

Moose - $250.00

Mountain Goat - $350.00

Elk - $250.00

Wolf - $50.00

Harvest fee - $125

Air Charter:

Max 80lbs of gear allowed per person - including rifle

No hard gun cases on charter - must be left in town

Unscheduled flights can be arranged if requested ($2500 fee) paid to TRO before flight is arranged

*Air Charter required for ALL Hunts.

*All pricing is in USD and subject to a 5% Sales Tax.


Our Policies.

Payment Policy:

A 25% deposit is required to hold a spot more that one year in advance, a 50% deposit is required within a year of the hunt and full payment must be made 90 days prior to your hunt date. 

Cancellation Policy:

NO FUNDS will be reimbursed but a replacement hunter of your choice may be submitted. Changing of dates depends on availability.

Wounded Game:

Any animal that has drawn blood is considered a harvest. Your hunt for the wounded game will continue and every effort will be put forth to dispatch the wounded animal as quickly as possible. All applicable trophy fees will need to be paid upon drawing blood.

bow hunting

Bow Hunting Policy.

Limited bow hunts available for Stone Sheep (2 per year) and mountain goats.

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