Premier Big Game Hunting Outfitter in Alberta

Premier Big Game Hunting Outfitter in Alberta

Alberta offers some of the best big game hunting opportunities in the world. From hunting bighorn sheep in the wilds of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, to chasing mountain lions with hounds through the snow, Alberta is a dream destination for any serious big game hunter. If you are looking for an Alberta hunting outfitter to take you on an unforgettable hunting adventure, you've come to the right place. 

Alberta Hunting Guides

Your Alberta Hunting Guides

Our guides at Tuchodi River Outfitters have decades of combined hunting and guiding experience in Alberta. Hunting is in our blood and when you come hunt with us, you know you are hunting with a guide who is equally as passionate about hunting as you are. We will put as much effort into your hunt as we would on our own, and the satisfaction of getting to watch you put your hands on a big trophy at the end of the hunt is hard to beat for us!

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Alberta Bighorn Sheep Outfitter

Bighorn Sheep Outfitter

Arguably the most highly prized game animal in North America, these hard-won trophies are the pinnacle of many trophy rooms. Alberta is one of the few places in North America where you can hunt Bighorn Sheep without having to spend years trying to draw a tag or spending a large sum of money to buy a Governor's tag. If you want to come hunt sheep, you can get your tag as long as there is availability for the year you want to come. An Alberta bighorn sheep hunt is definitely the number one option for anyone pursuing their grand slam.

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Alberta Mountain Lion Outfitter

Mountain Lion Outfitter

Our hound hunts for mountain lions are something everybody should experience! Alberta dominates the record books when it comes to Cougars and there is no better place to go if a giant Tom is on your wish list. 

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Pronghorn Hunts

Pronghorn Outfitter

This hunt is one of our favorite hunts of the entire season, as there are plenty of goats in the area and multiple stalks per day are not uncommon. Alberta is the most northern range for Pronghorn Antelope and the only province in Canada that allows non-resident hunting for them. Most Antelope taken in Alberta will score in the 70s with a few bucks taken every year that break 80”! They may not be as impressive or rare as a bighorn, but our AB antelope hunts are definitely not something to be slept on.

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Hunting in Alberta

History of Hunting in Alberta

Alberta is a Canadian province filled with a rich hunting past. Modern hunting in Alberta dates back to 1881 when Tom Wilson forged his way into the Canadian wilderness, but there are thousands of years of hunting history from indigenous First Nations tribes before that. Many of Alberta's true wilderness hunting areas remain unchanged from those early days and it is an incredible feeling to walk in the footsteps of the hunters who pioneered these great spaces.

At Tuchodi River Outfitters, we seek to remain in touch with this hunting history as much as possible - hunting in the same wild places as hunters centuries before us, and even utilizing the same hunting tactics as the first Western Hunters. Big game hunting in Alberta began with horseback pack hunts which we replicate on our bighorn sheep hunts, as well as hunting mountain lions with hounds - a method we still use to this day. Most importantly, we make it a point to embrace the spirit of adventure and appreciation for wildlife that Alberta's early hunters did.

If you are looking for an unforgettable Canadian hunting experience that brings you back to your hunting past, we invite you to join us on an Alberta hunting trip.

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