Guided Mountain Goat Hunts in BC, Canada

Guided Mountain Goat Hunts in BC, Canada

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Mountain Goat Hunting
in British Columbia

British Columbia is home to over half of North America's current Mountain Goat population. According to recent estimates, the number of Mountain Goats in North America has varied from about 75,000 to 100,000. This number includes 14,000 to 15,000 in the western states, 10,000 to 25,000 in Alaska, about 50,000 in British Columbia, and small numbers in Alberta, Yukon, and Mackenzie Territory. This puts B.C. at the top when it comes to trophy-class mountain goat hunts.

Our hunting concession sits amongst the finest trophy producing units on the East Slope of B.C., having an abundance of goats with large bases and great length. The diverse ecosystem in the northeast region our area lays amongst provides the perfect mix of habitat and feed, allowing us to properly manage a healthy and stable population of mature billies for a very limited number of clients each season. This gives our clients a better chance of harvesting a mature billy. 

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BC Mountain Goat Hunts

What To Expect on Your
Mountain Goat Hunt

Hunting mountain goats is no easy task. Hunters must be ready to spend hours hiking the steep and rough terrain of the Tuchodi Basin. The areas where we hunt our mountain goats are difficult to reach, requiring the hunting party to go on horseback or jet boat to access them. After that is when the hike begins. As for lodging we provide everything from a two-man tent fully stocked with food to a simple cabin/wall tent. Dependent upon the weather conditions, you can expect to see goats every day you are hunting, sometimes more than ten goats a day. If you are looking to harvest a mature Billy with large bases and 8+ inch horns, then this hunt is for you. Early August will provide the best weather conditions to go hunting, but if you want your trophy goat to have longer hair, coming in September or October will be better for you.

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Mountain Goat Hunts in BC

Mountain Goat Hunt Schedule

All of our goat hunts are 8 full days hunting days (10 days total)

Dates listed below are the actual trip dates

Hunt Dates:

  • Sept 9 -19
  • Sept 19 - Oct 1 (Can be added to Moose/Elk combo hunt)

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