Guided Canadian Moose Hunts in BC - Combo Hunts

Guided Canadian Moose Hunts in BC - Combo Hunts

British Columbia Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting in British Columbia

British Columbia is home to the Canadian sub species of moose, these moose can be found anywhere from the heavily forested willow swamps to the high valley basins. During the calling season in Sept/Oct the bulls are in rut and in search of females, this can make for an exciting hunt! The possibility of a seeing a bull with antlers in excess 40 inches wide is possible, while he grunts and thrashes everything in sight.

Our rut moose hunt take place in Northern Rocky mountains park on the Eastern Slope of British Columbia, Canada. Terrain in this part of the province consists of mostly lush willow valleys these big B.C. bull moose call home. This diverse area bodes high success moose hunts in the true wilderness of British Columbia!

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BC Moose Hunts

What To Expect on Your
BC Moose Hunt

The Canadian sub species of moose are in the middle of the size bracket. Being smaller than the Alaska/Yukon species to the north, and larger than the Shiras species to the south. Our typical mature bull will have antlers varying from 45-55 inches in width with the occasional bull harvested over 55".

We only hunt moose during the rut to ensure the best possible chance of success for our clients.  All moose hunts will be done via horseback with the hunter and his guide traveling throughout the area calling for these rutting bulls.  Hunters can expect long horse rides throughout the concession as well as hiking to high vantage points to glass the countless valleys for roaming bulls.

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Moose Hunting in Canada

Moose Hunt Schedule

All of our moose hunts are 9 full hunting days (11 days total)

Dates listed below are the actual trip dates

Hunt Dates:

  • September  21- Oct 1
  • September 27 - Oct 8

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