British Columbia Hunting Areas

British Columbia Hunting Areas

Northern Rocky Mountains BC

Northern Rocky Mountains, BC

The Northern Rocky Mountains are the segment of mountains found in the northern half of the Canadian Rockies. They are a breathtaking landscape and home to several provincial parks, the primary park being the Northern Rocky Mountains Park in the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area. Teeming with wildlife, the Northern Rockies have over half of "The North American 29" big game species such as elk, moose, Stone sheepmountain goats, bears, and wolves. With the abundance of food and water found in the mountains, it is a prime environment to produce trophy-sized game and it contains the best hunting areas in British Columbia.

Tuchodi River

The Tuchodi River Basin

The Tuchodi River, our company’s namesake, is located in the Northern Rocky Mountains and flows into both the East and West Tuchodi Lakes. These bodies of water are surrounded by lush forests filled with fir, spruce, pine, and many more diverse flora. It is a stunning piece of nature, almost completely unmarked by human civilization, and it is so remote that even the surrounding land is pristine and beautiful. 

The Tuchodi River is an important source of water that brings life to the region, creating a thriving and abundant population of big game species that hunters travel to British Columbia to pursue. We are privileged to be able to call this special area “home” for several months out of the year and encourage any passionate hunter to come experience a BC big game hunting adventure at least once in their lives.

British Columbia Hunting

History of Hunting in British Columbia

Since the 1800s, it has been widely known in the hunting community that British Columbia is one of the best hunting locations in the world. The land has been hunted from the very beginning by the First Nations indigenous tribes. Though portions of the land have become modernized and industrialized since those days, much of the wild remains untouched. The mountain tops and valley bottoms of British Columbia have always been a perfect environment to produce trophy game animals. 

At Tuchodi Rivers, we try to stay in touch with the rich hunting history of British Columbia as much as possible. We still utilize the same tactics used by the earliest hunters as we walk the same land as they did. The roots of big game hunting in British Columbia started with horseback pack hunts, which we recreate on our stone sheep hunts and mountain goat hunts. Above all, we prioritize seizing the spirit of adventure and exploration that the early hunters and pioneers had.

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