5 Point elk are common on our Elk Hunts

Elk Hunts at Tuchodi River Outfitters

“This is one of the best kept secrets in North America. The elk hunting in this region is unbelievable!”
Ken Vorisek

The elk in the Tuchodi Valley are sought after for their massive, heavy beams. The number of elk encountered during a hunt astounds our clients.

Hunting season spans the rut.
Because of our abundant game population, our game regulations allow rifle and archery hunts during the rut.

Monster 5 point elk opportunity!
Early in the season, August 15 to September 9, we have a 3 point minimum horn restriction. This is an excellent opportunity for harvesting a monster 5 point.

95% success or better on 6 point bulls
From September 10 to October 31, the horn restriction changes to 6 point or better. A good percentage of our rifle hunters will harvest their bull within bow range. This is due to the high numbers of elk and the light hunting pressure.

We hunt our 4 million + acres conservatively with no more than 2 hunters per camp. The camps are widely spread throughout the area creating great hunting opportunities from all locations.

Combination Hunts
Elk hunts can be combined easily with moose or goat options. These are very successful and it is possible for a hunter to harvest all three. An additional harvest fee is due when successful. Wolf is also included in this hunt at no extra charge. Tags must be purchased by the hunter before the hunt for all species.

We are strictly a horseback operation enabling us to get into the most remote parts of our area where the largest bulls are found.

Now accepting bookings for the 2018 Hunting Season
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