Rocky Mountain Goat Boone & Crocket Record Trophies!

Tuchodi - Goat HuntsGoat Hunts – Rocky Mountain Goat can be found in most of our hunting area. Hunters concentrating on a goat as their trophy can expect to harvest a billy that could secure a place in the Boone & Crockett records.

The big billies are in some of the steepest and most treacherous parts of the mountains. Hunters need to be in good shape if they want to traverse where many of these billies reside. This is a hunt of skill and patience as goats are wary of any movement from below.

A goat hunt may also be combined with a moose or elk hunt. This combination consistently produces excellent results.

As with our other hunts, this is primarily a horseback hunt. We do, however, offer a limited number of boat-assisted backpack hunts as well.

Now accepting bookings for goat hunts in the 2018 Season
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