Tuchodi River Outfitters Bear Hunts

Bear/Wolf Hunts

Hunters are strongly advised to bring wolf and black bear tags along on all hunts. In order to harvest wolves you must be ready when the opportunity presents itself, so purchasing a tag prior to the hunt is a must. You may also have a chance to harvest a big black bear through spot and stalk. Although our area doesn’t have large numbers of black bear, we do see good trophies every year. Come prepared!

Grizzly Bear
The majestic grizzly bear is one of the most prized of North American trophies. Tuchodi River Outfitters has a healthy population of these magnificent animals.

Our mountain grizzly tend to be silvertip with variations of light and dark.
Some of the larger boars can exceed the 8′ mark in size.

Now accepting bookings for bear hunts in the 2018 Season
Call 250-263-5537 to book now, or for details please see the booking page or email Monty at monty@tuchodiriveroutfitters.com